Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poets of all ages share work at Gallery@37

First poetry reading a success

Jen Mandeville of Seymour reads a poem. Photo by Patricia Villers

The Valley Arts Council's first poetry reading was a big success. The event drew more than 40 people to the Gallery@37, at 37 Elizabeth St., Derby, on a Saturday evening in May.

My husband and I enjoyed hearing the poets' creativity, and marveled at their courage to get up in front of a crowd and bare some raw emotions.

Arts council member Norma Jean Moore of Seymour reads her work.
New Haven artist and arts council member Floatin' Fred injects humor into his presentation.
Photos by Steve DiRienzo

Gallery@37 administrator BillieJo Scharfenberg and council president Rich DiCarlo said the poetry reading was just the first in a series of similar offerings at the gallery, all designed to bring art to the community.

Stay tuned.

Editor's note: Photos posted above were previously published on the New Haven Register's View from the Valley blog.

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